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Anya currently lives in New York City and teaches private lessons at her residence or the student's residence, studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx as well as New Jersey and Philadelphia area. She is also constantly traveling throughout the United States and other international cities, teaching workshops and private lessons scheduled in advance. She has been teaching since the age of 14. Her teaching expertise ranges every where from training professional competitors to social dancers of all ages. From international Latin to Salsa/Mambo; Anya's teaching methods never cease to lose their effect. Her goal as an instructor is to fuel every one of her students with so much knowledge that their dance skills supersede her own. But most importantly, Anya strongly believes that any one can learn how to dance well.

Struggling as a student of dance herself, Anya began to understand that no matter the style, genre or age range, learning is part physical and part mental and, when both are engaged the right way the process of learning becomes very easy.

Anya always refers to herself as more of a teacher, than a dancer or performer. Teaching group classes, workshops, private lessons, choreographing and coaching; Anya has traveled the globe sharing her theories, knowledge and expertise. Focusing primarily on the mechanics of movement and how to use technical principles to make every thing very easy to ensure the most artistic control, Anya is referred to as the best instructor by all of those whom had the pleasure of working with her.


"Anya is one of the fiercest dancers I know who's got a presence that can't be ignored. She's clean, technical and beautiful in both her dancing and her teaching. She's always one of the instructors I refer to dancers because of the wealth of information she has to offer".

Magna Gopal,

"Anya, I wanted to thank you again for being so "nice" haha. In all seriously I really believe that it was the best money I spent on a lesson because of your professionalism, passion, and articulation of movement. If I ever come back to NY and that will happen I am sure I will come back for another lesson.

Erika Briones, student.

"Anya is pure elegance and beauty on stage with a fierce presence. It's like watching a ballerina sweep the stage".

Chicago's Prince of Salsa Andy "LYRIK" Cruz,

"Hi Anya! I own about 25 instructional DVDs. I just started watching your technique DVD. Yours is the best, by far!
Wow! Congratulations! :)

El Caobo, top world Salsa Dj and Chicago Salsa Radio Host

"Several weeks ago, I began private lessons with the great Anya Katsevman. While throughout my entire dance study lasting nearly 6 years now, progress has never been rapid, I can honestly say that in the past month my dance has come together in a way that I could not have anticipated, and last night I danced with my long time practice partner, Lilibeth Torres for the first time in a month, and she said "wow, Anya is amazing".
Lili knows my dancing better than anyone, as she is the only person I actually practice with, not just social dance the moves I know well. Today she said "Anya is your savior". After all this time, it is a new beginning for me, and I am excited to work with Anya going forward.

Christopher James Quinn, student.