Costume Designs

Designing is my personal go-to source that combines my growing dream of being a stylist and remain in performing arts all in one! I began to understand I have a knack for fashion when I would often feel that people remember my costumes as vividly as my performance, likewise when I am constantly approached at any given event with people acquiring about my clothes or shoes on any given night. Personal style is easily translated through who we are as individuals and can enhance your life whether daily or on the dance floor. It is my up most pleasure and honor to be able to bring that forth in most individuals and my growing inspiration to know I can be a small part of helping them discover their potential with the confidence of what they are wearing.
I currently have the honor of designing for the worlds most renowned dancers including Tamara Livolsi & Tito Ortos, Griselle Ponce, Victor & Burju Hurtuk Perez, Yamulee dance company, Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow, Chicago's Prince of Salsa Andy "Lyrik" Cruz, Candy Mena, Nelida Tirado, Shani Talmor, Caribbean Soul Dance Company, Alex Morel, Tianne Frias, Vera Rowe and more. Are you next?